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 chu the cursed pikachu and swan the cursed lucario

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PostSubject: chu the cursed pikachu and swan the cursed lucario   Thu May 21, 2009 7:57 pm

you see a pikachu, it is black instead of yellow, with red cheeks and ear tips, "hello" it says darkly, "i am chu" it says, this must be the crsed pikachu some have seen, but those who see her, are never to be seen again

name: chu
species: pikachu
gender: female
color: black with red cheeks and ear tips
lvl: 51
other: her electricity is red
picture:><img src=></a" border="0" alt="" />

you then see a lucario, he is also red and black, "i am swan" he says

name: swan
species: lucario
gender: male
color: red and black
lvl: 51
other: his aura is red
picture:><img src=></a>" border="0" alt="" />
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chu the cursed pikachu and swan the cursed lucario
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