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 ian the cursed weavile

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ian the cursed weavile Empty
PostSubject: ian the cursed weavile   ian the cursed weavile EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 12:32 am

name: ian
age: 17
species: weavile
color: inverted version of a normal weavile(blood red body, black headdress, claws and tail)
history: age 2: met swan, swan was looking for his mother at time, ians mother took him in
age 4: evolved into weavile side by side with swan becoming a lucario, both were normal looking
age 5: family slain by darkrai, swan and ian only survivors, darkrai curses them
age 10: ian and swan split up and go separate ways
age 17(present): meets back up with swan
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ian the cursed weavile
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