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 Leaftor the Shiftry

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PostSubject: Leaftor the Shiftry   Leaftor the Shiftry EmptySun Jun 14, 2009 2:07 pm

In front of you, you see a Shiftry. He has a black streak down his white back, and a scar on his arm. He starts to move away from you, but you follow. "Go away" he mutters, "I work alone. Find someone else." Despite this, you keep him in view. He suddenly whips around, sensing you, and sends you far away. He didn't look evil, but he was pretty spiteful...

Name: Leaftor
Species: Shiftry
Colour: Normal, apart from the black streak down his white back and the strange scar on his arm.
Moves: Leaf Blade (yay!), Dark Pulse, Embargo, Energy Ball
Team: None. He works alone, anyone who's against that he battles.
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Leaftor the Shiftry
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